Are your products accurate to the pictures?

All of the products that appear on our website are photographed at a studio after production. All of our products are offered for your use with the same quality and appearance.

When my order is going to be sent?

In-stock products are sent to the shipping company on the same day. However, your shipment may be delayed because of the shipping company or reasons beyond one’s control. Information about the shipment can be found below the products.

When can I have my invoice?

As your invoices are electronic, they are both stuck on the shipping package during packaging and sent to your e-mail address that you use when signing up on our website.

Ürünü nasıl iade edebilirim?

When there is any problem with the product, considering you contact us via e-mail, Whatsapp or telephone, we are going to assist you with an easy refund. To refund the product, you should notify the shipping company about you are going to refund a Bionesh product.

Are the out-of-stock products going to be renewed?

As our products are mass-produced, they can rarely be found as out-of-stock. On such occasions, you can contact us directly to have the exact information, or visit our website at intervals to check the stock.